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  • Plants are $2.50, each. Proceeds directly benefit Robinwood Community Garden in West Linn, OR 

    *Please note: We will do our best to fill your full order, but quantities may be limited with some varieties.

    You can pay with cash or check at time of pick-up or Venmo your payment to:

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    Slicing Tomatoes:
    Please enter desired quantitiy below.
    Slicing Tomato: Mortgage Lifter - Indeterminate, Heirloom
    Slicing Tomato: Aunt Ruby's German Green - Indeterminate, Heirloom
    Slicing Tomato: HL German Green - Indeterminate, Heirloom
    Slicing Tomato: Big Boy - Indeterminate
    Slicing Tomato: Boxcar Willie - Indeterminate
    Slicing Tomato: Black Krim (dark) - Indeterminate, Heirloom
    Slicing Tomato: Beefsteak - Indeterminate, Heirloom
    Slicing Tomato: Brandywine - Indeterminate, Heirloom
    Slicing Tomato: Cherokee Purple - Indeterminate, Heirloom
    Slicing Tomato: Cuore Di Bue
    Slicing Tomato: Garden Leader Monster - Indeterminate
    Slicing Tomato: Early Girl - Indeterminate
    Slicing Tomato: Kellogg's Breakfast - Indeterminate, Heirloom
    Slicing Tomato: Oregon Star
    Slicing Tomato: Siletz - Determinate
    Paste Tomatoes:
    Please enter desired quantitiy below.
    Paste Tomato: Amish Paste - Indeterminate, Heirloom
    Paste Tomato: Anna Russian - Indeterminate, Heirloom
    Paste Tomato: Rio Grande - Determinate, Heirloom
    Paste Tomato: Roma - Determinate
    Paste Tomato: San Marzano - Indeterminate
    Paste Tomato: Ukrainian Purple
    Cherry Tomatoes:
    Please enter desired quantitiy below.
    Cherry Tomato: Blush (yellow w/red stripes) - Indeterminate
    Cherry Tomato: Chocolate Cherry
    Cherry Tomato: Lemon Drop - Indeterminate, Heirloom
    Cherry Tomato: Sungold - Indeterminate, Hybrid
    Cherry Tomato: Sweetie - Indeterminate
    Cherry Tomato: Yellow Pear - Indeterminate, Heirloom
    Cherry Tomato: Indigo Blue Berries - indeterminate
    Cherry Tomato: Red Cherry - Indeterminate, Heirloom
    Please enter desired quantitiy below.
    Tomatillo Indeterminate, Heirloom
    Please enter desired quantitiy below.
    Eggplant: Black Beauty
    Eggplant: Patio Baby
    Please enter desired quantitiy below.
    Pepper: Red Bell
    Pepper: Orange Bell
    Pepper: Yellow Bell
    Pepper: California Wonder
    Pepper: JalapeƱo
    Pepper: Habanero
    Pepper: Mini Peppers
    Pepper: Seyrek Turkish
    Pepper: Ali Rico
    Total Due:

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