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New 2016 Garden Membership Categories

February 9, 2016 in Robinwood Garden Information by Robinwood Garden

The 2016 membership options are now available! Check out the options to join the garden! Click here.

Annual Seed Share & Plant Sale – 2/28/15

February 9, 2015 in Robinwood Garden Information by Robinwood Garden

Annual Seed Share and plant sale: bring seeds to share with fellow gardeners, get talking about gardening, buy perennial plants (edible, native, medicinal herbs, beneficial insect plants, etc.)
2/28/15 at 10-2:00

Robinwood Community Garden Update 2014

November 25, 2014 in Robinwood Garden Information by Robinwood Garden

Robinwood Community Garden is open to the public and run cooperatively by its volunteer members. The mission is “to provide a local destination where food is grown for community members and the West Linn Food Pantry while getting people outdoors and creating positive community interactions.” In addition, the garden serves as a demonstration of various gardening techniques.

Now in its third year, the garden operates solely on funds generated through plant sales and garden dues. One of the ideas is that the plant varieties on site will serve as parent plants for sales to generate income while providing valuable edible or medicinal plants for local home gardens.

There are 34 raised beds equaling 1,000 square feet and another 500 square feet being used for fruit trees, berries, etc. A 100 square foot greenhouse provides the perfect space for producing plant starts and has potential for more. The emphasis is on edible landscaping (including medicinal plants) and using native plants in shaded areas. Garden members wish for the garden to be productive and beautiful at the same time.

Garden members greatly appreciate the City of West Linn providing water, wood chips, and technical assistance.

The following list highlights some of the activities accomplished at the garden this year (Jan.-Oct.):

  • 4 new raised beds were installed.
  • 1707 pounds of food were harvested; 1551 pounds were divided among garden members.
  • 156 pounds were donated to the West Linn Food Pantry.
  • 12 tomato starts were donated to the outdoor education program at Cedaroak Park Primary School.
  • 2188 volunteer hours were logged by garden members and other community volunteers. These included working in the garden, building infrastructure, planting, watering, weeding, harvesting and cleaning up.
  • Various neighbors who were not members of the garden enjoyed wandering through the garden and getting ideas. They have told us it is a beautiful addition to the neighborhood.
  • 3 adult classes and workshops were held on the following topics: ceramic sign making, tomato grafting and Asian cooking.
  • 1 food movement movie was shown (“Growing Cities”).
  • 1 children’s garden art camp was held for a week in the summer.
  • The children’s raised bed was used for experiments, learning, and food.
  • 2 community events were held: the seed and plant share and the harvest festival.
  • More than 45 different crops and many types of herbs were grown.
  • Plant sales were held that generated income for the garden (tomato starts grown in the greenhouse were popular, and later reports indicated they were successful plants).
  • An experimental hugelkultur bed was created.
  • Members experimented with growing oyster mushrooms.

The following people interacted with the garden

  • 58 local residents (including family) became members of the garden for some period of time.
  • 29 community volunteers assisted in the garden on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service.
  • 43 Lewis and Clark students, likewise, gave service to the garden where they learned about the garden vision for the community and learned some carpentry and gardening skills.
  • 65 non-garden members attended classes and events that were organized through the garden.
  • Countless neighbors pass by the garden when attending neighborhood association meetings, walking their dogs and driving and cycling past. People attending parties and other events at Robinwood Station walk through the garden, appreciating it and getting ideas for their own gardens.
  • The West Linn Food Pantry serves many families in West Linn and Lake Oswego. The fresh produce we provided augmented other foods that are distributed there.


  • City of West Linn
  • Friends of Robinwood Station
  • Resiliency Organization of West Linn
  • West Linn Food Pantry
  • Lewis and Clark College
  • Schools (e.g., Cedaroak Park Primary)
  • Civic groups (e.g., Girl Scouts)

Future Ideas

  • Increase productivity.
  • Make the greenhouse more productive.
  • Experiment with aquaponics.
  • Include and use more medicinal plants.
  • Improve water catchment and flow.
  • Increase mason bee habitat and install honeybee hives.
  • Use chickens in tractors and/or have resident chickens

Written and Compiled by Lisa Clifton

Robinwood Community Garden in the News

November 25, 2014 in Robinwood Garden Information by Robinwood Garden