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Robinwood Community Garden » Time-Lapse Video Summer/Fall 2012

Garden Time-lapse Video: ‘Three Sisters Garden and Grassy Slope – Summer 2012’

This time-lapse video is comprised of thousands of still photographs taken by a programmable time-lapse camera over a period of about three months throughout the Summer of 2012. This was our first encounter with the camera and time-lapse photography and it was very much a fun learning experience. More to come!



The time-lapse camera was stationed on the roof of Robinwood Station and directed towards the ‘three-sisters’ garden, which includes the growth of corn, beans and squash located in the lower half of the frame. Keep an eye out for the neat upward growth of the beans as they wave around searching for support to latch onto (specifically around 1:20). The camera frame was also directed to capture the implementation of garden beds and a rock wall on the grassy slope in the top half of the frame.

During the first half of the video (0:00 – 1:27), pictures taken every fifteen minutes from sunrise to sunset are displayed at a rate of 30 frames per second. After realizing that a picture every fifteen minutes was perhaps too frequent of a rate the camera was then changed to take a picture once every hour during day. These pictures, which make up the second half of the video (1:28 – 3:09), are displayed at a rate of 10 frames per second.

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